Copper John

Copper John Nymphs are an essential in any fly fisher’s fly box. This nymph is simple and clean, which is how many of the best, most effective flies appear. Hook quality and tungsten beads are incredibly important to any successful nymph. All the nymphs we sell use the highest quality hooks from well known companies and heavy tungsten beads, leading to fish biting more often and staying on till they’re in your net!

Available in 3 different colors including copper, red, & chartreuse.

Hook: Size 14 barbless firehole outdoors 633 nymph hook. This is a 1X long length hook with a 2X gape. It has a down eye and is formed from a heavy weight wire.

Bead: 3.5mm copper tungsten

Tied by Logan Messina in Solon, Maine.

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