High Flyer Floating Line

Our elite series fly line. 100 ft, WF floating line, with looped ends for easy connections. An aggressive front taper for easy casting! Now in sizes 4, 5, 6wt! A stealthier line for those large picky trout and salmon! Great for clear or stained waters. An all around line that is excellent for warm or cold waters. This line will simply out perform in the toughest conditions. I would know, I use it in Maine rivers come February. The highest quality fly line that you can depend on that won’t break the bank. $100 for floating line? That’s just ridiculous. It’s your job to save money, it’s our job to get you on the water.

We understand creating and using non-recyclable materials is not helping our sport. In an effort to create a green company, our line boxes are completely recyclable. So we ask you, after you’ve received your new line, please recycle the box!

Heavy Headed Smelt

Whether it’s spring or fall for trout or bass this is one of my go to streamers for imitating smelt and shiners in the river.  With the weighted head it gets down fast, perfect for stripping in the deeper holes and swinging in the faster white water.  This fly is tied on a size 4 Mustad Sproat hook.

Tied by James Canwell in Saco, Maine.

Small Clouser #6

A classic fly created for small mouth bass but is very deadly on trout and salmon alike. The nose  diving motion caused by the dumbbell eyes imitate wounded or weak prey making it irresistible to aggressive predators. This fly is tied on a Gamakatsu B10S stinger size 6 with 5.0mm dumbbell eyes.

Tied by James Canwell in Saco, Maine.

Black Nose Dace

This pattern works well in small streams and ponds as black nose dace and other dace species are found in both quite abundantly. This pattern also works well for imitating other bait fish such as  small chub and shiners. This fly is tied on a Mustad size 10  streamer hook 3X Long and head is made from Solarez thick UV.

Tied by James Canwell in Saco, Maine.



Hollow Deceiver

A must have streamer that can get it done whether it’s trout, salmon, bass, or stripers. The saddle feather tail adds a lot of movement in the water combined with the pulsing buck tail that creates a larger profile, while maintaining light weight. This fly is tied on a Gamakatsu S11-4L2H size 4 hook.

Tied by James Canwell in Saco, Maine.

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