What we Offer

Maine Fly Guys strive to promote three distinct messages:

Education: We believe that a more educated fishing community will create a healthier fishery. The more informed anglers can be regarding proper catch and release, fish behavior, angler impacts, and other fishery related topics the more informed angler choices can be. Our impact as anglers is limited to our knowledge, with more knowledge comes better decisions, which hopefully will lead to happier and healthier fisheries.

Conservation: Everyone thinks conservation is primarily left to non-profit fly fishing  or wildlife groups. While we love these organizations, conservation can be accomplished by anyone. One of the best ways to conserve your local fisheries is simply going down to a body of water and picking up trash. Conservation is an individual effort and we want to remind everyone that you don’t need to wait, you can act now! 

Community: Maine’s fly fishing community is small. Fly fishing in general is not a tremendously large group, relatively speaking. The more places fly anglers have to come and unite the better. By offering a place for anglers to come and unite as one, our voice can be heard with a more defined scope. A unified front can get more accomplished and make a real impact on our fisheries. Creating a welcoming and united community is one of the best ways to ensure our beloved sport of fly fishing continues in the right direction moving forward.