Ostrich Half and Half

The half and half is a staple in the salt water game, but tying it with ostrich? It brings a whole new meanings to movement in the water!

Striper Hollow Fleye

One of my most successful striper flies in Maine. Incredibly light, pushes a ton of water, this fly is a must have on the beaches, ledges, and marshes!


Time: Medium  Difficulty: Hard     Season: Summer The crawdaddy is an under utilized pattern. Everyone knows small mouth suck up crayfish at an alarming rate, however, downsize the pattern and go crush some bruiser trout. Nobody wants to throw a crayfish for trout, but they are uber successful. This crayfish has amazing action, a realistic look, tasty enough to […]

Single Buford

The famous Buford! Sometimes I will tie it as a double, but here in Maine, our Muskie seem to favor smaller flies (6-8″).

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