Heavy Stone

If you’re looking for a reliable stone fly nymph, look no further, this bug is the best stonefly nymph out there! Guaranteed to catch fish!

Soft Hackle Woolly Bugger

Time: Short  Difficulty: Medium      Season: All The woolly bugger is a staple in any angler’s box. Everyone has their favorite and this is mine! A soft hackle variant that is sure to catch any trout, really any fish. A woolly bugger is so versatile, you can catch almost any species of fish in Maine. So please copy this […]

Ragged Smelt

Time: Medium  Difficulty: Easy      Season: Spring Ever seen a smelt drifting by your feet dead in the spring? Well, here is the pattern for that moment. Maine has some famous smelt runs in the spring and any angler fishing rivers with smelt runs in the spring need a good smelt pattern. Dead drift, swing, or strip this ragged […]


Time: Short  Difficulty: Easy      Season: All If you’re looking for a great lake pattern or outlet midge to use, the Chaoborus is where it’s at. A poor swimmer, the glassworm is an easy target for hungry trout. However, they aren’t swimming around all year. You’ll need to find out when they are out on your local water to […]

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