Conehead Intruder

The Intruder was originally created on the west coast to be used for swinging for anadromous fish, such as Steelhead and Salmon. Since its inception, the Intruder has been found to be effective in the eastern states as well. These flies are tied big with the intent to catch big fish. 

An Intruder fly is meant to trigger aggression from a fish when intruding into their territory, eliciting a strike response. The short shanked trailer hook has dual purpose, it helps to avoid short strikes, and also keeps the fish from shaking the hook easily. This fly is available in Olive or Gray. The overall length is about 4 inches. Tied on a shank with a barbless size 4 trailer hook. Weighted with a large tungsten cone.

Tied by Logan Messina of Maine


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Olive, Gray

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