Turkey Tom

Time: Short      Difficulty: Medium      Season: All

Turkey is such an underutilized material in the fly-tying world. I think it is an absolute must. This soft hackle/wetfly is perfect for imitating emerging caddis or mayflies. It’s really used to imitate an emerging insect or a husk of an emerged insect. Whatever it is trying to imitate, one thing is certain, it’s an easy meal for a fish. I find myself fooling big fish with soft hackles more and more and I wouldn’t be caught dead without this pattern in my box. If you want this pattern, please reach out to ask about it!  


  • Hook: Firehole 317 #16
  • Thread: UTC Fl. Green 70
  • Tail: Turkey tail feather
  • Body: turkey tail biot, mirage flashabou
  • Hackle: Turkey fluff
  • Wing: Turkey Tail feather
  • UV: Raid Zap medium

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