Quill Gordon

Time: Short

Difficulty: Medium

Season: Spring

An absolute classic. I wish I fished this more often, originating in the Catskills, this mayfly imitation is a killer. Fished on top in sizes 14-18, typically in May-June. When mayfly hatches are popping, you better grab a Quill Gordon or some variation, because trout and salmon gorge themselves on just about anything floating on top that looks remotely like a mayfly. You should always have a few of these tucked away in your dry fly box!


  • Hook: Mustad 2XF #14
  • Body: Stripped Rooster Quill
  • Wings: Mallard Barred Flank
  • Dubbing: Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub Cinnamon
  • Hackle: Dyed Yellow and Natural Rooster Hackle

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