Ostrich Half and Half

Time: Medium      Difficulty: Moderate      Season: Spring – Fall

A staple in the salt is the half and half. This clouser like pattern is absolutely killer in an array of colors. This brown blend is meant to imitate small harbor pollock, an easy snack for stripers. Fish it on intermediate or heavy sinking line around ledges and rocks between the months of June-Aug for the best results! I like to strip strip strip pause, stripers seem to hit it on the pause most of the time!


  • Hook: Mustad Tarpon 2/0
  • Thread: Daneville Waxed Flymaster Plus 210 White
  • Tail: Ostrich Hurl Brown
  • Flash: Kreelax Green
  • Body: Kreelax Green
  • Eyes: Medium White
  • Body: White and Brown Bucktail
  • Top: Peacock Hurl
  • UV: Raidzap medium
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