Improved Stimi

Improved Stimulator

Time: Short     Difficulty: Medium    Season: Mid to Late Summer

Stimulators are used to imitate adult stone flies, a monstrous bug that can be found buzzing about in good numbers late in the summer (late July-August). When adult stoneflies are hatching, they crawl along the bottom and climb up onto rocks on shore to hatch. So, when they are hatching, you should not be fishing this fly. Instead, when you see adult stoneflies actually flying across the water’s surface, that’s the best time to use this fly! Dead drift, skate, or twitch this fly in sizes 4-12 can have great results for trout and salmon! 



– Hook: Firehole 718 #12

– Thread: Daneville flymaster waxed 210 orange

– Hackle: light ginger #14

– Tail and wing: Elk hair

– Flash: gold 



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