Striper Hollow Fleye

Time: Long      Difficulty: Hard      Season: Spring – Fall

My most successful striper fly, the hollow fleye rules all in the salt. Extremely light, but pushes a ton of water. Stripers hunt utilizing their lateral line, feeling for pressure changes in surrounding waters, something this fly does very well. If you’re fishing beaches, ledges, estuaries or marshes in Maine, this is a must have fly! Fish it on intermediate line or floating line if fish are feeding on top. Hang on tight, because the fish hit this fly hard!


  • Hook: 3/0 Salt water
  • Shank: 35 mm Risen Fly
  • Wire: Surfstrand lx7 60 lbs
  • Thread: Daneville Waxed Flymaster Plus 210 White
  • Tail: Chinese Saddle Hackle – White
  • Flash: Lateral Scale Opal Mirage – Small and Medium
  • Hackle: Hareline White Schlappin
  • Body: White Bucktail

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