Heavy Stone

Time: Long      Difficulty: Hard      Season: Spring – Fall

Everyone has their favorite stonefly nymph and this is mine. A bit on the complex side, I find this stonefly nymph to out-perform any other stonefly nymph I’ve ever tried. This pattern is heavy and should only be used in quick moving water to get your fly down quick! If you’re looking to use this fly in slower moving water, remove the 2nd bead or replace the beads with tin or a lighter metal. Stonefly nymphs are a staple in Maine, everyone should have a go to pattern, this is mine, and I hope it will be yours too!  


  • Hook: Firehole 718 #8
  • Thread: Daneville Waxed Flymaster Plus 210 White
  • Tail: Turkey biot brown
  • Body Color: Yellow sharpie
  • Body Wrap: UTC Vinyl Med Brown, UTC small gold wire
  • Dubbing: Grey Squirrel Dubbing
  • Legs: Centipede Legs brown and black
  • Dubbing Loop: Cinnamon dubbing
  • 1st Bead: Firehole Tungsten Gold 4mm
  • 2nd Bead: Firehole Tungsten Gold 3.5mm
  • Hackle: Ruffed grouse wing feather
  • Back: Thin Skin mottled brown
  • UV: Raid Zap medium

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