Emerging X-Caddis

Emerging X-Caddis

Time: Short     Difficulty: Medium    Season: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

Caddis are the king of the river bugs in Maine without question! Trout and salmon can be found eating these bugs all summer long! However, sometimes, you’ll see bubbling or quick dashes to the top where fish aren’t actually breaking the surface of the water, this is a key sign they are looking for emerging caddis! So rather than throw a floating adult, you should reach for a pattern like this one! Dead drifted or skated, this pattern is a go to for me when caddis start buzzing around! 



– Hook: Firehole 315 #14-18

– Thread: Uni-thread 6/0 olive

– Tail: Poly yarn orange

– Hackle: grizzly hackle

– Wing: Deer hair


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