Electric Copper John

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Time: Medium      Difficulty: Moderate      Season: Spring – Fall

Copper Johns are a relatively new pattern, but are an extremely common fly found in many fly boxes. The traditional copper color is fantastic, but if you’re fishing a river with an abundance of caddis, it’s a no brainer to make a greener version! Traditional nymphing or swinging this fly during the spring is a sure way to land some chunky trout or salmon. The bright color is also popular in the fall to trigger those angry strikes!


  • Hook: Firehole 633 #14
  • Thread: Uni-thread 72D 8/0W Black
  • Bead: MFC 2.4mm Tungsten Black
  • Tail: Turkey Biot Black
  • Tail Dubbing: Senyo Lazer Dub – Fl. Chartreuse
  • Body Wrap: UTC Chartreuse small wire
  • Thorax Dubbing: Straight Black
  • Flash: Polar Flash – Silver
  • UV: Raid Zap Medium

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