Meet MFG

Maine Fly Guys was created by Greg and David LaBonte in 2019. Greg and David are trying to create a sense of fisheries education, conservation, and a fly fishing community (which you can find out more about here).

Greg LaBonte is our all things fly fishing guy. If it swims, he fishes for it, and more importantly, he catches it! All of our flies are tied by him in his house here in Maine. Greg wants two things in life – to put a fish on the end of every angler’s line and to promote fisheries education. Spending almost 8 years of his life studying and researching Maine fisheries, Greg knows fish and wants to share his knowledge! Got a question about fish? This is the guy to ask!                                                           

Greg LaBonte


David LaBonte, a passionate father, husband, and runner, has a true connection with all things outdoors. There isn’t a mountain too tall or a river too wide to cross for David. He brings the passion and dedication that Maine Fly Guys embodies. Providing expertise on the people side of fly fishing, David hopes to inspire and educate young and old anglers, not only to get out there and fish, but to take in the moment, focus on the now and better yourself with each outting! 

David LaBonte

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