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Is Fly Fishing Too Expensive?

Is Fly Fishing Too Expensive?

Have you ever gone to buy a fly rod or reel and thought, would I like to eat this week or buy this new set up? If you have, you're a lot like me. Fly fishing provides me with as much fulfillment and excitement as any baseball, basketball, soccer, football, or hockey game I've played in. I know have somewhere around nine reels, 8 or 9 rods, couple waders, boots, vests, endless amounts of boxes, fly tying materials, several new and old lines, and enough tippet to open my own store. All items accrued over many years. I often wonder, what is total net worth of all my possessions related to fly fishing? A tough question to answer, as I have thousands of flies that I have tied, but after some contemplation, a safe ballpark estimate is somewhere between $10,000 give or take a few thousand (don't tell my old lady). Clearly fly fishing can be expensive, but is it too expensive? Is the price a turnoff for new anglers?

Thanks to modern technology, there exists a myriad of options for various items needed to start fly fishing. Which begs the question, what is needed to start fly fishing and how much does it cost?

· Fly rod: $50 – 1000

· Fly reel : $50 – 1000

· Line, leader, tippet: $25 – 150

· Waders: $40 – 500

· Boots: $20 – 300

· Net: $20 – 100

· Fly Box: $5 – 50

· Flies: $10 – Unlimited

· Accessories: $10 – Unlimited

At the absolute minimum, to start fly fishing, a person would need to spend $200 – 250. In an age where we spend thousands of dollars on phones, computers, and shoes, I would consider $250 cheap. Not to mention that to start, most fly-fishing accessories are unnecessary. As you become more immersed, gradually accumulate various items, more specialized rods and reels, more flies, and other fly-fishing gear. Fly fishing is a marathon, not a sprint.

All hobbies will require an initial start-up, take golf for instance, there's clubs, shoes, a golf bag, balls, not to mention a $20 – 100 fee every time you want to play. You want to go fish, just find some water and go, it's free! Along with being free, it's an extremely healthy and fulfilling hobby. Getting some fresh air, walks through the woods, and enjoying mother nature at its finest is nothing short of a natural remedy. The experience alone is worth $250.

To think fly fishing is too expensive for anyone, to me, is unimaginable. Yes, there exists a rather pricey side to fly fishing, but that side is not necessary to start. So, if someone suggests that fly fishing is an expensive hobby, reject that premise, and suggest that affordable options now exist for all to enjoy.

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